Taro Pudding Powder

  • Item
  • Taro Flavor Pudding Powder
  • Specification
  • 75gx120boxes
  • Cuft
  • 57x33x32.5(cm)
  • Q'ty
  • 120boxes
  • Advice Channel
  • Hypermarket
    Traditional Market
  • Description
  • Specification

Step1: Pour 450 ml of boiling water (about 90°C) into a saucepan.
Step2: Add a pack of pudding powder (75g) and stir it until dissolve completely.
Step3: Pour the mixture into molds. Cool to room temperature for 3 hours and place in a refrigerator.
Step4: Enjoy your fresh delicious pudding.
(You can adjust your pudding soft or hard by adding or reducing water capacity.)